The Atmosfere team welcomes you!

We’re a team of creative young people and our creations are inspired by our main passions: art, music, trips, nature and science.
We employ high quality materials, like precious and semi-precious stones, natural pearls, crystals and nacre. Every piece is unique and unrepeatable.
We put the customer satisfaction first, that’s why we accept custom orders, according to your preferences and colors and material availability.

In each creation there is something about us, our passions and our experiences. Choose Atmosfere to give yourself something unique or to excite the people you love with an intimate and original gift!

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Secret Garden

This glass and crystals earrings have been inspired by the book “The secret language of flowers”. They’re the perfect gift for a girl who loves nature and gardening! The pink beads present a particular optical effect named chatoyancy.

Handmade in Italy.

Match with: a casual look